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Moh Pai Hu Shih

Moh Tiger Kempo (Moh Pai Hu Shih) is a style of martial arts originally developed by Grandmaster O. E. Simon: The Moh 'Temple' System. This is a combative style with a focus on self defense and not competition; taught within a traditional philosophy of showing respect to all living things; training for health and longevity; for peace of mind and body; while learning effective self defense.

Moh Pai's roots are found within many styles including Kenpo-Karate, 5 Animal Southern Style Kung Fu, Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, Hung Gar, White Crane, Wing Chun and Tai Chi. Grand Master Simon assimilated elements of these different styles and blended them together; changing techniques and forms; combining them with his own hand to hand combat training, sparring, breathing techniques, mind training and philosophy; to become part of his Moh 'Temple' System.

However, though Hung Gar is a part of the style, a practitioner of Moh is not specifically training Hung Gar, and though Kenpo is a core part of the style, GM Simon has modified it to such an extent that the style of Moh Pai is quite different from either Kenpō or American Kenpo Karate. The same could be said for all the martial art styles that influenced him.

In simplified terms, Moh Pai Hu Shih is a modern hybrid of Kempo-Kung Fu taught in a traditional way.


A System of Training

The White Tiger 'Temple' System of Kempo Kung Fu includes an emphasis on applications, forms, sparring and qigong breathing.

Training continuous applications in martial arts is critical for self defense. The system of Moh Tiger Kempo is built upon a foundation of many techniques and applications, for it is here where it's true wealth of knowledge is.

Forms are a continuous flowing series of moves and techniques that help develop balance, coordination, stamina, focus, discipline and precision. Forms trained well can also build a strong spiritual connection with the art.

Sparring trains unplanned, spontaneous use of hands and feet to develop speed, hand-eye coordination and agility. Though controlled sparring practice is not a realistic form of self defense, it can be trained quite fiercely and is a key part of teaching a student how to put it all together.

Vigorous group classes are essential to help the student develop strength and stamina not only for health but also to apply the self-defense techniques effectively. They also enable the student to train applications with different sized opponents, with variations and constant repetition to developed true muscle memory.

Finally, one of the most important aspects of training Moh Pai Hu Shih is the learning and understanding of proper breathing exercises (qigong). This includes the relaxation 'butterfly' breathing, Ch'an meditation, power breathing and combative breathing techniques in conjunction with the muscle change sets, health forms, reaction training and fighting sets.


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